Coming home

Me: Poppy has been waiting at the window for Chris since first thing. Harriet was so relieved when she heard he had landed.

Nell: Yes. You would know, of course, because you tracked Chris’s flight all night.

Me: Only now and again.

Nell: Kev and I clearly told you not to. You aren’t well and you need your sleep.

Me: But I had to know he was safe.

Nell: Ridiculous. Where is he now?

Me: At Paddington station having a sandwich from Barks and Spencer. His first in a year.

Nell: They are good. So when will he get to Totnes station?

Me: 11:50 am. We should leave here in good time.

Nell: Kev has everything under control. Did he get any sleep on the plane?

Me: Unfortunately not.

Nell: His room is ready so he can sleep when he gets home. Harriet thinks she won’t be allowed on his bed.

Me: But she will be, won’t she?

Nell: Of course. He’s her special person and she hasn’t seen him since she was a pup of six months.

Me: Yes, he will notice a change.

Nell: I’m afraid David is planning on joining them too. He has a new pair of pyjamas.

Me: He will definitely notice a change in Dave. He takes up half the bed on his own. It’s like sharing a bed with a pony.

Nell: Poppy is expecting cuddles and Mutley is always by Chris’s side. I shall look in on him now and again just to check.

Me: The bed will be full of dogs.

Nell: It’s Chris we are talking about here.

Me: Yes, fortunately.

Nell: Now, drink your tea and try and rest. Only a few hours to go now.

Me: My boy is coming home.

Nell: Our boy.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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