Just warming the bed

Me: Can I have a quick word?

Nell: We are all trying to sleep. You know we were up late celebrating the final of Strictly.

Me: I know but Chris arrives from Canada tomorrow and I am over excited.

Nell: We are aware. We’ve been warming his bed.

Me: Actually I’m not surprised you are tired after all that dancing. Poppy and Malcolm’s Pasa Doble was impressive.

Nell: Yes. I know a sword isn’t usually waved, but it worked.

Me: Malcolm seemed a little nervous.

Nell: Yes. I never knew a flamingo could jump that high.

Me: Dave and The Cat performed an excellent Samba.

Nell: Yes. The Cat is thinking of using those garish colours for the ugly sisters. David is very skilled at wearing a bowl of fruit on his head.

Me: I didn’t expect Gladys to jump out.

Nell: It was a show dance. No rules. I think the short hair suits her.

Me: No sign of Dog Marley?

Nell: Jim sent Harriet a red rose and an ultimatum.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: The note said: “It’s me, or Marley.”

Me: So she binned her beanie?

Nell: That’s not the way I would have phrased it. But yes, she returned to the safe paws of young Jim. Their waltz was charming.

Me: My favourite performance, though, was you and Mutley doing the American Smooth.

Nell: Thank you. I like to think we still have it.

Me: So, can we start getting Chris’s room ready then?

Nell: You are supposed to be resting. We will deal with everything.

Me: I feel a bit teary to be honest.

Nell: You haven’t seen your son for nearly a year. It’s quite understandable.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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