Sunday morning discussions

Me: Where is everyone?

Nell: Jonathan is in the living room discussing today’s agenda with Mutley.

Me: Do we have one?

Nell: Of course we do. Things don’t just happen you know. Even Sundays need a little organising.

Me: And Harriet?

Nell: Harriet and Gladys are supposed to be having a lie-in. When I checked my handbag Gladys appeared to have gone to sleep wearing her cracker hat.

Me: She was very tired.

Nell: Harriet is in the comfortable armchair but I think she is eavesdropping on Mutley and Jonathan.

Me: She likes to know what’s going on. Where is Dave?

Nell: David is having his cookery lesson with Poppy. He is learning how to make pancakes. Chris gave us some maple syrup from Toronto the last time he was over here, so we are having a Canadian breakfast today.

Me: Yummy. With bacon?

Nell: One never quite knows when David is cooking.

Me: He has the best of intentions.

Nell: Poppy says he has great potential. He just needs to realise that tasting doesn’t mean eating. Everything.

Me: It’s a lot to ask of a Labrador.

Nell: What do you mean by that?

Me: Well, you are very food driven.

Nell: A tidy bowl is a tidy mind. How many times do I have to remind you?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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