We love the beach whatever the weather

Nell: Well, that was invigorating.

Me: Yes. Walking by the sea is good for the soul. As you always say: “In rain, or shine, the beach is fine. I think about it all the time.”

Nell: I most certainly do not. Stop getting carried away and putting words in my mouth.

Me: But you do love it.

Nell: I do. It always blows away the cobwebs and if you follow your walk with a fish finger sandwich, or a sizzling sausage at the Beachhouse, then all the better.

Me: Did you have to inspect the kitchen though, Nell?

Nell: I like to check everything is up to standard.

Me: You like to check on the sausages, you mean.

Nell: Jonathan and I enjoyed them enormously. I ate a little of your fish but it didn’t have the piquancy of our dish.

Me: Yes. Jonathan does enjoy tomato ketchup. After all that running you certainly deserved a good lunch.

Nell: Alice’s ball throwing skills are not up to Kev’s but still very acceptable.

Me: What about mine?

Nell: Shall we just gloss over yours? Remember the throwing the Wellington boot incident?

Me: It wasn’t my finest hour,

Nell: You hit yourself on the head.

Me: I didn’t know it would go backwards.

Nell: Let’s leave the throwing to Kev and Alice shall we? She may not throw far but at least the ball goes in the right direction.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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