Exhausted but happy

Nell: Well, that’s the limit. Who took that photo?

Me: Kev. You were exhausted after all the celebrations.

Nell: I look dreadful.

Me: You look how we feel. Exhausted but happy.

Nell: I shall be having a word with Kevin.

Me: Oh dear. Thank you all so much for the wonderful welcome. Jonathan and Alice were delighted.

Nell: It was rather spectacular, wasn’t it?

Me: Yes. Where do I start? We could see all the lights when we pulled into the drive.

Nell: That was The Cat. It was in charge of the decorations team with David and Gladys.

Me: Fairy lights everywhere and you all in sparkling top hats.

Nell: Yes. David got rather carried away. That’s why we were wearing sunglasses.

Me: Poppy excelled herself with the food.

Nell: Yes. Malcolm was rather shy of Jonathan but Harriet did the introductions beautifully. She hasn’t left his side.

Me: Did I see Mutley shedding a tear?

Nell: Yes. He was quite overcome to see young Jonathan and Alice with child.

Me: We must make sure she gets enough rest.

Nell: Yes. David has prepared a soothing morning song and Gladys will be performing a contemporary dance.

Me: I’m not sure how relaxing that will be.

Nell: They won’t start until Jonathan is enjoying his dippy egg and Alice has her coffee. Harriet is waiting outside their door and will escort them downstairs.

Me: You’ve thought of everything.

Nell: Of course. They are family.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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