I blame you for this

Nell: Is David still asleep?

Me: Yes.

Nell: I blame you for this.

Me: The puppies were scared of the thunder and lightning.

Nell: I’ve told you repeatedly that you must remain calm and disinterested.

Me: I know, but you and Kev were at the pub and it was ever so loud.

Nell: So you thought a storm dance would help?

Me: I thought it would be a distraction. Dave threw himself into it and so did The Cat.

Nell: Kev and I couldn’t believe it when we got back.

Me: I don’t know where all the feathers came from, or the drums, to be honest.

Nell: How did the dancing chihuahuas get here?

Me: They arrived on a bus.

Nell: Kev and I haven’t been to the pub in weeks. We go for a quiet pint and come back to find we are in the middle of a samba.

Me: Come on, Nell. I saw you enjoying Poppy’s tacos.

Nell: They were good. I just wish Gladys hadn’t kept shouting “Tequila”. My head hurts.

Me: At least nobody was worried about the storm.

Nell: Nobody was worried about anything. I’ve been stumbling over sleeping chihuahuas all morning.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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