What a morning!

Me: We have had quite a morning, haven’t we?

Nell: I have a perforated ear drum. You have a bad cold.

Me: True. You definitely win.

Nell: I was denied an evening treat and denied breakfast.

Me: I know. We had to keep you safe because of the anaesthetic.

Nell: Did you have breakfast?

Me: Yes, but I went to the doctors too you know.

Nell: You knew you were going. It wasn’t just an unpleasant surprise.

Me: I didn’t want to worry you. Anyway, you are home and safe now with clean ears. Tom says it will heal.

Nell: Oh good.

Me: And the good news is that I am on bed rest too, so we can spend lots of time together.

Nell: I dread to think what the bad news is.

Me: David ran away but the farmer caught him and tied him up. He took Kev on his quad bike to get him.

Nell: What?

Me: I’ll tell you about it later. Sorry.

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