Me: What have Poppy and Mutley been doing?

Nell: Chasing flamingos.

Me: Flamingos? In our garden.

Nell: Yes. But that’s not the strange thing.

Me: It isn’t?

Nell: Valerie and I picked up some prawns from Sid the Fish yesterday.

Me: That’s not strange.

Nell: No. Poppy was going to make prawn sandwiches for lunch today.

Me: Still, not strange.

Nell: She took the prawns out of the fridge this morning ready to shell and left them to put some bread in the oven. When she returned they had gone.

Me: The prawns?

Nell: No. The shells.

Me: Someone was being very helpful.

Nell: Yes. There was a small flamingo sitting in the kitchen eating shells.

Me: Yes. That is strange.

Nell: Well, even though Poppy was understandably perplexed she remained polite.

Me: Good for her.

Nell: She asked the flamingo what it was doing in her kitchen eating prawn shells.

Me: I don’t blame her. Did it answer?

Nell: Oh yes. It said its name was Malcolm and it was desperate for prawns.

Me: Why didn’t it just eat them all?

Nell: Apparently Malcolm is a very polite flamingo. He felt it only fair to leave Poppy the actual prawns.

Me: That is polite.

Nell: Poppy thought so too so she made Malcolm some tea and gave him the rest of the prawns.

Me: Good.

Nell: Unfortunately the other flamingos tracked Malcolm down and started flying around shouting. We think they used Find my iBone.

Me: Probably.

Nell: Well, Poppy wasn’t having it, so she and Mutley chased them away.

Me: Where is Malcolm?

Nell: In the kitchen finishing the prawns.

Me: Of course he is. Silly me. Sorry.

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