The price of fish

Me: Poppy and Harriet are having some kind of serious discussion in the living room.

Nell: Yes, it’s to do with the price of fish.

Me: No. What’s it really about?

Nell: I just told you. Since the Beefies started stealing fish the price has gone up. Poppy wants to cook her foil wrapped sea bass with baby potatoes and green beans for Charlie and Sally’s farewell dinner but Harriet thinks it’s too expensive and suggested mackerel.

Me: Why is Harriet involved? Doesn’t Sally prefer meat?

Nell: I put her in charge of the housekeeping budget and she takes it very seriously.

Me: Surely nothing is too expensive for Charlie and Sally.

Nell: We must fill our bowls according to the biscuits available.

Me: What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

Nell: Do stop. Did you know the Beefies have also moved into food delivery with their fish and chips? They are calling it Just Beak and it is proving to be extremely successful.

Me: I did, actually. They are offering 24 hour delivery, fast and to anywhere including out at sea, or on a cliff top.

Nell: I can see that would appeal to walkers and the sailing crowd.

Me: They must be fast because when I tried one of The Cat’s chips it was still piping hot.

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: It was only for research. The Cat wanted to test the quality and I happened to be there when the order arrived.

Nell: As I told you before I am not supporting those ruffian seagulls and neither should you.

Me: Know thy enemy.

Nell: That does not mean eat thy enemy’s fish and chips.

Me: No. Sorry.

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