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Beach barbecue

Me: So, what’s happening?

Nell: We are on the island and plans have been made. Jonathan is working on his digging skills while I keep an eye on proceedings.

Me: What are the plans?

Nell: Poppy is organising a barbecue. Hot dogs, of course, and loaded barkers with fries.

Me: Tasty.

Nell: Mutley is running the bar. Poppy Coladas and his speciality, Dry Muttinis.

Me: They are awfully strong.

Nell: Exactly. After dinner we will all play Shenanigans. David and The Cat are in charge of entertainment.

Me: They are good at that.

Nell: Yes. Captain Hiro keeps the treasure map under his hat so while the corgis sing, hats will be exchanged and The Cat will secure the map. It’s very deft of paw.

Me: Clever. Won’t Ken notice?

Nell: Harriet will invite Ken to dance so he won’t be noticing anything.

Me: What about Coleton Fishacre?

Nell: He will be helping Poppy with dessert. He simply can’t resist a banana. Greedy animal.

Me: And Jonathan?

Nell: Jonathan will have a hot dog for tea, then his bottle of milk and a story as usual. He will sleep next to me. You don’t think I am going to let all this interfere with his routine, do you?

Me: I wondered.

Nell: At first light we will leave camp in search of the treasure while Captain Hiro and the others sleep off the excesses of the night before.

Me: Gosh! You are going to have to be awfully quiet. Can Dave do that?

Nell: David has been practising quietness all day. Harriet and Jonathan played “What’s the time Mr Wolfhound? and he managed to creep up right near them without them hearing a thing. Stop being a doubting dormouse. We can do this.

Me: Ok, sorry.

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