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Do we need canoes?

Nell: If that is Captain Hiroshi Takeda on the phone again someone else is going to have to speak to him. Can you ask Jonathan to get Mutley?

Me: But he’s asleep and he doesn’t speak Japanese either.

Nell: He chartered the Golden Hound so he can answer Captain Hiro’s questions. What do I know about rigging? Apparently it has become one of Dartmouth’s tourist attractions, by the way.

Me: Well, the captain and crew are dogs.

Nell: True. Personally, I think they have more than a little of the pirate about them. Poppy agrees but says not to worry. She has been polishing her sword in between baking, though.

Me: Marvellous Great Aunt Pam said we need spades for digging and canoes.

Nell: Yes. I wonder if we really need canoes. Harriet has gone to the Garden Centre with Jim for spades but I don’t think they do canoes.

Me: Where’s Dave?

Nell: David and The Cat are hiding.

Me: Why?

Nell: Captain Hiro shouted at them because they can’t do sailing knots. He has introduced a dress code, by the way. No feathers, or sequins and hats to be worn at all times.

Me: Oh dear. Thank heavens for Big Ken, at least he speaks a little English and is so much kinder than his brother.

Nell: Yes, He’s fallen helplessly in love with Harriet. Made her a bouquet out of seaweed. Jim is not pleased.

Me: Gosh. So when are we setting sail?

Nell: Very soon. I don’t like the idea of sleeping on board with all those corgis. They get under my paws and they only speak Welsh.

Me: Mae Cymraeg yn iaith hardd.

Nell: Don’t start. I know Welsh is a beautiful language but not many of us speak it and the corgis are being exclusive.

Me: I didn’t know you spoke Welsh.

Nell: Of course. I studied at Aberystwyth. Do keep up.

Me: Sorry.

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