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Nell: What is Jonathan doing?

Me: He and Seamus were searching for Petunia. She needed to go to bed.

Nell: Was she a guest of your sister’s too?

Me: No, she lives there.

Nell: When are you all coming home?

Me: We should be back by the afternoon. Any news?

Nell: Mutley managed to ward off Barker King but now he is having issues with his hypermarket.

Me: I didn’t know he had one.

Nell: Walbark. You might have heard of it. Anyway, apparently he told the shareholders he was sorry but Jonathan was visiting and he needed to get home. He has his priorities right.

Me: Yes.

Nell: David has a new friend in Dartmouth. A young Beagle by the name of Bones. Harriet says he is trouble and a bad influence.

Me: Is she okay?

Nell: Yes, she and Jim have gone to the beach. Oh, the big news is John proposed to Poppy.

Me: No!

Nell: Yes, but she turned him down. Said she wasn’t ready.

Me: Is he awfully disappointed?

Nell: He says he is prepared to wait. Did Jonathan find Petunia?

Me: Eventually. She was under the shed. She refused to come out. Alice poked her with a stick. We had to leave her there overnight.

Nell: I’m not sure that is the way to treat guests.

Me: Petunia is a chicken.

Nell: You could have mentioned that before. Just drive home now, please. We miss you.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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