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Tell nobody

Me: Nell, what is it?

Nell: They’ve just sent me a photo of Harriet. It’s heartbreaking. They must have my number. How did they get it? My poor little Harriet. She must be so afraid and it is her birthday today.

Me: This is dreadful but at least we know she is alive. Was there a message?

Nell: No. Just the photo. I better show the police I suppose. I don’t want David to see it. He hasn’t stopped crying since Harriet was taken.

Me: Wait. Nell, your phone is ringing!

Nell: No Caller ID. It might be them. “Yes. This is Nell. Where is she? What do you want? But I don’t have anything. Yes, I will. Please don’t hurt Harriet!”

Me: What did they say?

Nell: They said: “You have something of ours and now we have something of yours. Await further instructions. Tell nobody.”

Me: What do they mean? What do we have?

Nell: I don’t know. What could they want from us? We don’t have any money but we can raise some if we have to. They said we have something of theirs. What can it be?

Me: Should we tell the police?

Nell: Too risky. We are going to have to do this alone.

Me: Nell, your phone is ringing again!

Nell: “Yes, it’s Nell. Where are you? They’ve taken Harriet. You knew? Alright. I’ll see you then.”

Me: Who was that?

Nell: It was Charlie. He knew about Harriet. He wants to see me. He’s coming over now.

Me: Oh my goodness. What if he is dangerous?

Nell: We have to get Harriet back. Charlie knows something and I am going to find out what it is.

Me: Be careful.

Nell: Ask Poppy and Mutley to join me. They need to know Charlie is on his way. David can stay watching the football and you must keep an eye on him. Tell Poppy to bring her sword.

Me: I’m not sure that’s wise.

Nell: We have gone beyond wise. Just look at that photo.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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