Dave’s hat and the asparagus

Me: Are you alright, Nell?

Nell: I’m a little confused to be honest.

Me: What was Dave telling you in the field? It seemed very important.

Nell: Poppy sent him to talk to me. Something happened after dinner last night and they didn’t want to wake me as I was having an early night. It seems Siegfried got the asparagus from the farm dogs.

Me: He did?

Nell: One of Dave’s surfer friends heard them talking about it at the pub. Why did he tell me he had it flown in from Germany?

Me: Trying to impress you I suppose.

Nell: Yes. But why would he ask the farm dogs to get him asparagus?

Me: Poppy says they can get you anything. They’ve got London contacts.

Nell: Yes, but how would Siegfried know that?

Me: Maybe he knows them from somewhere. Before he met you. He was seen talking to them quite a lot.

Nell: Yes. That’s what is bothering me.

Me: What are you going to do?

Nell: I am not sure.

Me: Maybe Dave got it wrong.

Nell: No. One of the farm dogs was wearing David’s hat. The one Siegfried confiscated. The surfer recognised it and sent David a photo. Poppy went straight over there as soon as she saw the photo and got it back. You don’t argue with Poppy.

Me: You certainly don’t.

Nell: I must say the hat bothers me. Giving it away like that. Siegfried knows how much it means to David. It’s thoughtless.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I am afraid Siegfried might not be who he claims to be.

Me: Oh, Nell.

Nell: I need to talk to him right now. Perhaps he can explain. Can you ask James to bring the car, please? I’m going to see him at the hotel.

Me: Let me go with you.

Nell: No. I am doing this alone. Where is my handbag?

Me: Please be careful. I know I had my suspicions about Siegfried but I didn’t want to be right.

Nell: We shall see. I need to give him the chance to explain. The connection between us was real. I am sure it was.

Me: Take care and call if you need me. I am so sorry.

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