Waiting for Harriet

Me: What a dreadful day. I don’t think I slept at all last night worrying about her.

Nell: Harriet is in capable hands. Richard is keeping a close eye on her.

Me: Fortunately Kev noticed the bleeding and acted quickly.

Nell: Yes, and Richard and his team of vets were able to operate at once.

Me: Dave hasn’t left my side.

Nell: I know. He was very sick last night. It’s the worry.

Me: I’ve never seen Poppy like this.

Nell: Yes, she can’t rest until Harriet comes home. She just sits by her bed.

Me: Thank goodness for Mutley’s calm presence.

Nell: He has seen so much in his life. He knows when to keep quiet and wait.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Kev just spoke to Richard and she is alert this morning and has had breakfast. We have to ring again later but it is looking good.

Me: I just want her home, Nell.

Nell: We all do.

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