The patient is doing well

Nell: The patient spent a peaceful night.

Me: I didn’t.

Nell: If you insist on checking on her through the night you only have yourself to blame. The patient is showing a healthy appetite and enjoyed her breakfast.

Me: Why do you keep calling Harriet the patient?

Nell: Apologies. Force of habit.

Me: And where did you find that hat?

Nell: It’s my matron’s cap.

Me: It’s a bit scary.

Nell: David loves it. He’s decided he wants to be a doctor.

Me: That’s ambitious.

Nell: I told him that anything is possible if you apply yourself, but I don’t think medicine is for him.

Me: I agree. Although his bedside manner is lovely.

Nell: A doctor cannot hug his patients and cry when they are in pain. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

Me: True.

Nell: Cards have started arriving and can be displayed on the ward, but no flowers.

Me: What ward? Are you talking about my bedroom?

Nell: Yes, for the time being.

Me: I can have flowers if I want to.

Nell: Don’t be difficult. The farm dogs just brought round a bunch of wild flowers. I know they picked them from the hedgerow but it was a kind gesture.

Me: Yes. Very sweet.

Nell: Poppy is giving them tea and biscuits. The poor things look half starved.

Me: I might go back to bed too, Nell. I’m exhausted.

Nell: You will have to be quick then as hospital rounds begin soon.

Me: What? Who is the doctor?

Nell: Mutley, of course. He was a Senior Consultant before he retired. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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