Mozzarella String

Me: What’s going on?

Nell: Kev found the plate.

Me: What plate? Not my special Portuguese one?

Nell: We used it for Mozzarella String last night and then it was gone.

Me: What’s Mozzarella String?

Nell: It’s the pizza game. Everyone knows it. You play it in pairs. Mutley and I won. David got in an awful mess and had cheese round his ears at one point but when he and Harriet swapped places they did well.

Me: And Poppy?

Nell: Poppy sat it out. Her fur gets in the way. Anyway, I think David must have nudged your plate under the chair when he was cleaning up.

Me: You all look a bit guilty to me. Even you.

Nell: Yes. I’m afraid things may have got a little out of hand yesterday. A little noisy perhaps.

Me: What happened?

Nell: Poppy raided the drinks cabinet and started mixing cocktails. The puppies were on water, of course.

Me: Of course.

Nell: I knew I should have stuck to sherry.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Anyway, the police were very understanding and let us off with a warning.

Me: The police?

Nell: Nice young man. He had a slice of pizza.

Me: But what did you do?

Nell: It’s water under the bridge now. Time to move on.

Me: But Nell….

Nell: Enough. I’ve got an algebra class to teach.

Me: Ok, sorry.

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