Night Fear

Me: Can we have a quick chat about Dave?

Nell: It will have to be quick. I’ve got a Pilates class and then lunch with friends.

Me: Kev says Dave is scared of the dark and that’s why he was barking last night.

Nell: Yes. Night Fear is common amongst labradors and other breeds. I, myself, suffered from it in my youth.

Me: Yes, I remember Poppy would always go out in the garden with you at night.

Nell: Poppy is fearless when it comes to the dark.

Me: Did you get that sword back, by the way?

Nell: She sleeps with it under her pillow.

Me: Hang on. She sleeps in my bed.

Nell: It’s probably under your pillow then. Best check.

Me: Dave looks awfully low.

Nell: He will be fine. Kev has organised a night light and Harriet will go outside with him.

Me: Yes. You are right.

Nell: Everyone has their fears. Admitting to them is the first step.

Me: Yes, I should probably do that too.

Nell: Not now, though. I have a taxi waiting.

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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