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Dealing with Disappointment

Me: I’m ever so worried about Dave.

Nell: Leave him be. He is Dealing with Disappointment. A valuable life skill.

Me: So, Tony never came?

Nell: No. David waited a long time but we think Tony may have gone on his Easter break.

Me: Poor darling Dave.

Nell: He is very low but he is being brave and Harriet is consoling him.

Me: Bless her.

Nell: Anyway, David has earned extra points for excellent Waiting Skills yesterday and his report card is looking a lot better.

Me: He has a report card?

Nell: Of course. Both he and Harriet have had one since they started training.

Me: Did you tell him Tony will be back next week?

Nell: I did and we agreed that he can meet him at the gate and a little jumping is allowed due to the length of separation.

Me: He still looks very low.

Nell: It’s nothing that some good sea air and a swim won’t solve. As I explained to both David and Harriet, a labrador has to learn many things and Dealing with Disappointment is one of the hardest.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I, myself, am constantly disappointed by you, for instance.

Me: Well, that’s not very nice. I’m sure Kev disappoints you too.

Nell: Maybe, But I can’t think of anything he has done right now.

Me: Typical. I’ve probably got a report card I don’t know about.

Nell: You have.

Me: Seriously? Can I see it?

Nell: You cannot.

Me: That’s not fair.

Nell: Deal with the Disappointment.

Me: Can I get extra points then?

Nell: Enough.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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