Nell: Is David watching television again?

Me: I’m just letting him catch up on Neighbours. You know he loves it and I wanted to spoil him.

Nell: I disapprove. If he has to watch something then find him a good documentary, not a soap.

Me: But he is ever so fond of Carl and Susan and they are going through a rough patch at the moment. He loves the drama of it all.

Nell:  We had enough dramas yesterday thank you.

Me: Yes. I was so scared, Nell.

Nell: We all were. Even Poppy ran into the sea.

Me: I thought Dave was going to drown. He was so far out and kept circling.

Nell: If I’ve told him once, I’ve told him a thousand times that he will never catch those seagulls. Those birds are playing with him.

Me: I know but he loves to chase them. We just weren’t expecting him to swim out to sea.

Nell: Kev was a hero, of course, tearing off his coat and striding manfully into the sea. Fortunately the wretched animal started swimming back to the rocks. No wonder he is tired today.

Me: I was ready to go in too, you know.

Nell: That would have been extremely foolish. It was bad enough worrying about David without adding you to the mix.

Me: Would you have gone in after me?

Nell: Without a moment’s hesitation. But you already knew that.

Me: Yes. You and me, Nell.

Nell: Always.

Me: Battling our way through life’s challenges together. The fearless twosome.

Nell: The fearless twosome?

Me: I couldn’t think of anything else.

Nell: Just watch Neighbours with David quietly and drink your tea. You had too much excitement yesterday.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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