Me: Nell, have you got a moment?

Nell: Quiet! Kev is reading to us.

Me: A fairy story?

Nell: Don’t be silly. It’s the weather report from the Met Office.

Me: No wonder Dave and Harriet are asleep.

Nell: They are resting their eyes.

Me: They are snoring, Nell.

Nell: We find the weather report very soothing.

Me: Nobody else does.

Nell: I was chatting to Olivia next door just now about the consistency of snow.

Me: You were?

Nell: Yes, powdery snow is not good for snowballs.

Me: Oh.

Nell: We were wondering about going sledging later.

Me: Now you are winding me up.

Nell: Fortunately the farmer has secured the trampoline.

Me: You’re not thinking of trampolining are you?

Nell: Dont be ridiculous. I worry about you sometimes. Who on earth is going to trampoline in the snow?

Me: But I thought…after the snowballing and the sledging.

Nell: The strong wind could have blown it away.

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: I despair of you sometimes I really do.

Me: Sorry.

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