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Me: I can’t believe it was Harriet.

Nell: Yes, an eye witness came forward placing her at the scene of the crime.

Me: And Dave?

Nell: David is completely innocent.

Me: That’s surprising to be honest.

Nell: Well, innocent of this particular crime anyway.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: During his cross examination David confessed to eating four cushions and two chairs.

Me: Oh dear. Has the sentencing taken place?

Nell: It has. All privileges have been withdrawn.

Me: Both puppies?

Nell: No. David is on a warning as he confessed.

Me: My poor little Harriet.

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: What an ordeal. She needs a treat.

Nell: No treats.

Me: A cuddle then?

Nell: You are undermining the authority of the court.

Me: I know. But it’s ever so cold today, Nell, and she looks so sad.

Nell: Of course she does she is a labrador.

Me: Please.

Nell: You are making a mockery of the law.

Me: Sorry.

Nell: Go on then. A cuddle will help with her rehabilitation I suppose.

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