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Labrador Deafness

Me: Nell, I want to talk to you about Labrador deafness.
Nell: Sorry?

Me: About how you sometimes don’t seem to hear me.

Nell: What did you say?

Me: It’s not funny, Nell. Dave has started doing it now too.

Nell: I was only just saying to Harriet that we need to work on our retrieving skills.

Me: I asked you a question and you’ve ignored me.

Nell: Sometimes the ball just floats past us in the sea.

Me: It’s so annoying.

Nell: Yes, it is because you have to swim around to find it.

Me: You heard me then.

Nell: Of course I did.

Me: Why didn’t you hear me before?

Nell: And David just doesn’t get the retrieving thing at all yet.

Me: He waded into the sea quite far when you two girls missed the ball.

Nell: Yes, that’s true. David did well that day.

Me: But when I call him he doesn’t hear me. It’s a selective deafness if you ask me. Don’t you agree?

Nell: Sorry?

Me: You are doing it again, Nell.

Nell: Did you say something?

Me: I give up.

Nell: Anyway, I think the answer to the retrieving problem is more time on the beach.

Me: Whatever.

Nell: We could go now then.

Me: Fine.

Nell: Good, I will tell the others

Me: You heard me well enough then, no sign of deafness.

Nell: Sorry?

Me: I don’t believe it.

Nell: Did you say something?

Me: Let’s just go now.

Nell: Excellent idea. David! Harriet! You heard what she said. Beach time!

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