The puppies need me

Me: Why did you wake me at 2.30am this morning?

Nell: I needed to be with the puppies.

Me: I needed to sleep.

Nell: They were locked in the living room.

Me: That’s where they sleep, Nell. They have their baskets and toys.

Nell: They needed me.

Me: You haven’t bothered all these weeks.

Nell: I had a bedroom then.

Me: Ah, you mean the spare room.

Nell: My room is full of clutter and I am forced to lie on the floor.

Me: We are moving so we had to put things in there.

Nell: It’s making those poor puppies anxious.

Me: I think you wanted the comfortable sofa.

Nell: Did the puppies stop crying when I joined them?

Me: They weren’t crying before that.

Nell: Were they quiet?

Me: Yes, until the morning when you told them off for fighting.

Nell: Exactly. Everyone is happy.

Me: Actually I’m very tired.

Nell: Try sleeping on the floor.

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