Sara is Going Away. Again.

Me: There’s quite a storm raging out there.

Nell: I know. It’s been keeping me awake all night.

Me: Is that why Harriet is comforting Dave?

Nell: No. David’s devastated you’re going away again.

Me: What do you mean ‘again’?

Nell: You abandoned us in August.

Me: I went to Germany for a week to be with the family.

Nell: And you brought back a bear.

Me: Nonsense. He came to visit us a few weeks later and we should be jolly thankful that he did.

Nell: I never said we weren’t.

Me: We’d be lost without Herr Hoffmann.

Nell: He’s a very kind bear and much appreciated.

Me: I’m only going to the Cottage Hotel.

Nell: I know.

Me: And it’s just for a few days on a writing retreat.

Nell: Goodness only knows what you’ll be bringing back this time.

Me: Nothing.

Nell: We don’t need any more seals. Two are more than enough. Every time I go outside I get a standing ovation.

Me: It’s a seal thing. They love to clap.

Nell: Sir Roger Blubbery is planning another fishing trip.

Me: Is he?

Nell: He and The Bear are considering salmon fishing in Scotland.

Me: That’s an awfully long way to travel at this time of year.

Nell: It’s a ridiculous idea.

Me: Maybe that’s what’s troubling my Big Brave Beautiful Boy?

Nell: No, it’s definitely you.

Me: I need these few days, Nell. It’s been an awful year.

Nell: I know you do. I’m just teasing.

Me: But what about Dave and Harriet?

Nell: They will be fine. Kev and I are here, not to mention all the others.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Go and write to your heart’s content. We’ll be waiting for you when you get back. But no more seals.

Me: No. Sorry.

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