Nell is in a Very Good Mood

Me: Look at you having cuddles with Tony.

Nell: He’s not only David’s friend, you know.

Me: Pushing your way through.

Nell: I simply made myself known to him. Tony and I have a special bond.

Me: Dave might be feeling a little jealous now.

Nell: He’ll have to deal with it.

Me: How’s Harriet dealing with Bumper leaving?

Nell: She’s sad but she understands. His home is in the US.

Me: Yes, and they can still write to each other.

Nell: It’s more FaceTiming and texting nowadays.

Me: I know but writing sounds more romantic.

Nell: Let’s leave romance out of it, please. They’re just friends.

Me: That wasn’t what I meant.

Nell: I know.

Me: You’ve been in a very good mood recently. I think it’s because you’ve lost weight and are feeling a little lighter on your paws.

Nell: You’ve lost weight too.

Me: It’s all the walking.

Nell: Keep it up.

Me: I will.

Nell: Poppy has applied for stage manager.

Me: I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Nell.

Nell: It isn’t. Poppy has far too much to do already.

Me: And she’s a bit too fierce.

Nell: She threw a bagel at Babycakes Gillespie this morning. It knocked his hat off.

Me: Why?

Nell: She was aiming at a Beefy and he got in the way.

Me: Are the Beefies still wearing napkins around their necks?

Nell: No. They’ve moved on to medallions.

Me: Beefies love a bit of bling.

Nell: They’re in the shape of a large B. How tacky is that?

Me: It is a bit.

Nell: You wouldn’t catch me with an N around my neck.

Me: Dave wears a silver chain.

Nell: It’s his mayoral chain. That’s completely different.

Me: Except it isn’t.

Nell: Don’t start that again.

Me: Sorry.

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