The Starting of School Ceremony

Nell: You’re up early.

Me: Jonathan’s Starting School Ceremony begins at 9am so Chris and I are catching an early train.

Nell: Are you well enough?

Me: I have to be.

Nell: I wrote a poem for Jonathan.

Me: How lovely. Would you read it to me?

Nell: Of course.

‘Now listen very carefully

To what I have to say.

Jonathan Sky starts school today.‘

‘Are you sure?‘

‘Absolutely, Harriet says it is true

Poppy agrees

And so must you.‘

‘What about David?

Will he be there?’

No, David’s in Devon

But I believe that a bear

Called Herr Hoffmann

Is attending

Cos he lives nearby

If Sara can persuade him

As he’s awfully shy.’

Me: I never told you Herr Hoffmann was coming.

Nell: But he is, isn’t he?

Me: He might be.

Nell: May I continue?

Me: Please do.

Nell: ‘Mummy and Papa,

Uncle Chris and Faye

Are making sure Granny

Doesn’t get in the way

By taking too many photos

And writing things down

That people don’t want discussed

All over town.’

Me: I don’t do that.

Nell: My friend Dorothy would disagree.

Me: You told me about her and Naughty Nigel.

Nell: And you told everyone else. Where was I?

Me: Criticising me.

Nell: Oh yes.

‘Let the party begin.

Throw your hats in the air.

Bring in the cake.

Pull up a chair.

This is the start

Of something exciting.

Of learning new skills

Like reading and writing.

And all your new friends

Are just waiting to say

Welcome Jonathan Sky

Have a wonderful day.’

Me: He’s going to love that, Nell.

Nell: Take lots of photos.

Me: You know I will.

Nell: Unlike that bear friend of yours, I shall not be attending the ceremony so photos are all I have.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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