Sara is Unwell and Breakfast is Delayed

Nell: You sound absolutely dreadful. What’s wrong with you?

Me: I think I might have caught a cold, Nell.

Nell: I told you not to overdo it.

Me: It started in the cinema yesterday afternoon. I thought it was just the air conditioning giving me a dry throat.

Nell: And now you can hardly speak.

Me: It’s just a head cold. I’ll take it easy today.

Nell: You’d better. How did you get it?

Me: I could have picked it up on the flight, or in the city.

Nell: All that gadding around.

Me: I was having fun with the family.

Nell: Promise me you’ll take care of yourself.

Me: Don’t worry. The children are looking after me.

Nell: Good.

Me: Why are you and Dave sulking under the kitchen table?

Nell: We’re not sulking. We’re waiting.

Me: For me to come home?

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. Waiting For Someone To Come Home only ever happens at a window. Do keep up.

Me: Of course. What are you waiting for then?

Nell: Bacon sandwiches. Poppy’s out sword fighting with the Indianas so breakfast is delayed.

Me: Did you say ‘Indianas’?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Shouldn’t Dave be out there sword fighting too?

Nell; David can’t do anything physical until after breakfast. He’s a growing animal.

Me: I hope that isn’t true.

Nell: You know what I mean.

Me: Can’t he just have a bowl of cereal?

Nell: A Labrador can’t exist on cereal.

Me: The other Indianas seem to be managing.

Nell: How do you know? You’re not here. They may have brought a picnic.

Me: It would be a terrible shame if Dave missed out on the role of Indiana Bones because of something as insignificant as a bacon sandwich.

Nell: A bacon sandwich is never insignificant.

Me: No. Sorry.

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