Good Morning from Germany

Me: Good morning from Germany.

Nell: What are you doing FaceTiming me so early?

Me: We’re an hour ahead of you over here and I couldn’t sleep. Are you on my chair?

Nell: Of course I’m on your chair. It’s where I sleep. David usually has the sofa but he’s on duty.

Me: Where is he?

Nell: With Harriet upstairs sharing the bed with Kev. I told you they were doing the night shift.

Me: How is Kev?

Nell: Absolutely fine the last time I saw him. Enjoying the peace and quiet.

Me: Do you like the view from my window? The apartment is right next to the forest.

Nell: Please don’t come home with a bear. We really don’t have room for another large animal.

Me: There aren’t any bears in Germany.

Nell: Maybe not officially, but if there was one you would probably find it.

Me: The symbol of Berlin is a bear so it would be right and fitting if I met one.

Nell: Don’t even think about it.

Me: You started it.

Nell: What are your plans today?

Me: To recover from yesterday to be honest. It was a very long journey. We left Devon at 7am and didn’t get to the apartment until just before 7pm.

Nell: How were the children?

Me: They were so good. Bless them. And overjoyed to see their father waiting for them at the station.

Nell: I can imagine.

Me: Well, that’s odd.

Nell: What is?

Me: A bear wearing a rather fetching hat just walked past carrying a newspaper. I wonder if it would like a cup of tea?

Nell: Don’t even joke about it.

Me: Who says I was?

Nell: Speak to you later and give my love to everyone.

Me: Including the bear?

Nell: Stop.

Me: Sorry.

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