Harriet Has a New Best Friend

Me: I think Harriet might have a new Best Friend.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: She and Faye are inseparable. I hope Dave isn’t feeling left out.

Nell: David has cuddles from everyone.

Me: I know but Harriet is his sister.

Nell: Faye is Jonathan’s sister. You don’t see him worrying about who she’s cuddling.

Me: Dave’s a sensitive soul. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Well, he’s going to have to toughen up if he wants a chance of playing Indy.

Me: How are the auditions going?

Nell: We’ve delayed them a little to allow the family time to settle in.

Me: That’s kind.

Nell: Andre’s only here until Sunday so we thought Monday might be a good day to begin.

Me: Sounds like you have everything organised.

Nell: You should explain why we were so late posting our conversation yesterday.

Me: Yes. We didn’t have the internet all day so we decided to go to the Cottage Hotel for lunch where I was able to use their internet.

Nell: Without me.

Me: We knew we’d have to sit inside, Nell, because of the wind and rain.

Nell: Anyway, when you arrived you found someone had left you a lovely present at reception.

Me: It was a wonderful surprise. Some kind person has given me a jar of homemade jam with a note telling me to put it on Poppy’s scones.

Nell: It was a lovely thing to do.

Me: It was. Thank you very much.

Nell: You look a little windswept in Kev’s photo.

Me: It was very windy down at Hope Cove, Nell. There was nothing I could do.

Nell: Ever heard of a hairbrush?

Me: It’s just me. Nobody cares.

Nell: I think you’ll find they do. The homemade jam proves that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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