Sara is having A Profound Tuesday

Me: Isn’t it lovely to see the sun again?

Nell: It’s about time it made an appearance. It is July after all.

Me: I love the way it bathes the fields in its gentle warmth.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: And the parts where it isn’t, merely emphasise the parts where it is.

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: The cold dark sunless areas actually enhance the warm sunlit ones.

Nell: If you say so.

Me: And the wonderful thing is that even though they are in the dark right now they know their time will come.

Nell: I’m definitely in the dark right now.

Me: Because soon they will be bathed in sunlight too.

Nell: You won’t. You have to stay out of the sun.

Me: Actually I am allowed some sun before 11 and after 4.

Nell: Only with sun cream on.

Me: Let me have a little light. I can’t live permanently in the shadows.

Nell: This is all rather profound for a Tuesday morning, isn’t it?

Me: A bit. I was just thinking that if we have to move I will miss this view so much.

Nell: We’re not going to have to move. Stop that talk right now.

Me: Has something happened to Gladys and the llamas?

Nell: They seemed fine at breakfast. Why?

Me: They’re waving their arms around in slow motion.

Nell: Llamas don’t have arms.

Me: Front legs then.

Nell: Let me see.

Me: What did they have for breakfast because it’s slowed them right down?

Nell: Pancakes and they’re meditating.

Me: Meditating?

Nell: Yes. Haven’t you ever heard of Tai Chi?

Me: Of course that’s what they’re doing. Silly me.

Nell: You’re not silly and you’re not in the shadows. Your time is coming. Just believe.

Me: Yes. Thank you. Sorry.

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