All Paws On Deck

Me: What do you think of my photo of Naughty Nigel?

Nell: Dorothy’s going to love it.

Me: Are those two still an item?

Nell: Dorothy talks of little else but Nigel.

Me: Gosh. That must be annoying.

Nell: It can be rather tedious. Fortunately she found something different to gossip about the last time we met.

Me: Do tell.

Nell: You know Stephen Seagull is launching his campaign to be Mayor of Kingsbridge?

Me: Yes. I’ve seen the posters everywhere in town,

Nell: Well, now he’s upped his game.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: He’s offering free cake to anyone who promises to vote for him.

Me: Free cake?

Nell: Yes. ‘Enjoy a slice at no extra price.’ I quote.

Me: The cheek of it. Where did the Beefies get all that cake?

Nell: Where indeed. I’ll give you three guesses.

Me: They’ve learnt how to bake?

Nell: Unlikely.

Me: They’ve hired a baker?

Nell: Possibly.

Me: They’ve stolen the cakes?

Nell: Definitely.

Me: From the Cake Competition?

Nell: Exactly. Harriet said the lemon drizzle they threw at David tasted exactly like Poppy’s.

Me: The villains.

Nell: Anyway, Poppy says two can play at that game so it’s all paws on deck.

Me: Are we going sailing?

Nell: No, we’re making scones. Cakes are all well and good but nothing beats one of Poppy’s scones.

Me: I agree. Especially with jam and cream.

Nell: Exactly. And the Beefies’ cakes will be dry and stale very soon whereas Poppy’s scones will be fresh out of the oven.

Me: Unless they hire a baker.

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: Like an award winning French bulldog.

Nell: That’s rather specific.

Me: It’s front page news in today’s Daily Growl.

Nell: ‘Frenchie says he’s voting for Stephen.’ This is absolutely outrageous.

Me: I know. Sorry.

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