Too Many Poppys in the House

Me: You three look rather tired. Any particular reason?

Nell: Too many Poppys in the house. It’s completely exhausting.

Me: Some of them are quieter than others.

Nell: Which isn’t saying much. Can you hear them all downstairs?

Me: Yes. What are they doing?

Nell: Making a picnic. Rupert’s taking them down to the beach later in his sidecar.

Me: Knitwear Wolf is such a kind animal. Will they all fit?

Nell: They’re used to squashing.

Me: Poppy isn’t.

Nell: Poppy’s sitting behind him. She needs room for her sword.

Me: Have we got enough helmets? I know Knitwear Wolf has quite a few but possibly not eight in Poppy’s size.

Nell: Don’t worry. The Cat has a large selection in its dressing up box.

Me: Is there anything it doesn’t have in there?

Nell: Not that I know of.

Me: I love picnics.

Nell: Don’t even suggest we join them. David, Harriet and I are going to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Me: Did I see them Gliding with Gladys this morning?

Nell: Yes. Petunia is a big hit with the llamas. They’re all vegans you know.

Me: I think we say herbivores.

Nell: Petunia doesn’t.

Me: Do we know when they’re leaving?

Nell: The llamas aren’t going anywhere. This is their home. You can’t cast them out just because they prefer a plant based diet.

Me: I meant Poppy’s sisters.

Nell: Poppy’s flying them all home on Saturday. We need them gone before Naughty Nigel and Boo arrive.

Me: Are they coming to stay?

Nell: Of course. It’s your sister Charlotte’s birthday on Saturday and she’s staying at the Cottage Hotel.

Me: Oh yes. Kev and I are joining her for dinner.

Nell: What about me? It’s my favourite hotel.

Me: No dogs in the dining room. Sorry.

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