Sara Might Be Right

Nell: I’m beginning to think you’re right.

Me: It’s not often I hear you say that.

Nell: Enjoy it while you can.

Me: Right about what?

Nell: Maybe it was Delilah Jones who cut Poppy’s hair.

Me: I never said that.

Nell: I haven’t had a close look at the Welsh Corgi Choir recently. They’re all rather similar so Delilah might have come back without us noticing.

Me: I definitely wouldn’t notice because I’ve never met her.

Nell: You have. You just don’t remember.

Me: Anyway, why are we talking about Delilah Jones?

Nell: Poppy’s on the yellow chair with David begging for attention from Kev.

Me: Poppy is?

Nell: Yes. We know David can never have enough cuddles but Poppy isn’t usually like that at all.

Me: First Tony now Kev. Who’s going to be next?

Nell: It’s very worrying,

Me: Is it only Kev, or is she being cuddly with Dave too?

Nell: Everyone cuddles David so it doesn’t really count.

Me: True.

Nell: Have you seen Poppy’s sword recently?

Me: No, I haven’t.

Nell: And she hasn’t been wearing her hat or boots either.

Me: It is summer.

Nell: In fact there hasn’t been much of the pirate about her at all.

Me: No, there hasn’t.

Nell: I’m beginning to wonder if you’re right about Samson O’Reilly too.

Me: Right about what exactly? I don’t know him.

Nell: He used to be rather aloof for an Irish wolfhound and a little bit piratey too.

Me: I wouldn’t know.

Nell: We need to find out if he’s changed.

Me: Why?

Nell: It’s obvious. If Samson’s not piratey and begging for cuddles then Delilah is up to no good.

Me: Only if she was the one who cut his hair.

Nell: You said she did.

Me: Did I? Sorry.

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