Boys Talk

Me: Have you got time for a chat?

Nell: Only a brief one. Saturday Kitchen is starting soon and I’ve promised Malcolm we can watch it together.

Me: Do you think Kev and Dave are planning something?

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: They were having secret talks under my gazebo.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: No, really. There was leaning in and a lot of smiling.

Nell: It was probably just Boys Talk.

Me: Boys Talk?

Nell: Yes. Boys enjoy conversing too. It’s not only you and I.

Me: Whatever they were talking about it certainly made Kev smile.

Nell: David was probably telling Kev one of his jokes. Boys like to do that.

Me: I didn’t know Dave knew any jokes. It’s more Kev’s kind of thing.

Nell: Since he became the Mayor of Kingsbridge David has been working hard on his public speaking. He’s constantly having to make speeches and people always enjoy a good joke.

Me: Except that Dave isn’t actually the Mayor of Kingsbridge, is he?

Nell: My friend Dorothy said the Whippets Institute have asked him to judge the cake competition at the Village Fair.

Me: I’m not sure that’s wise.

Nell: I think David is the ideal judge. He knows his cakes and he loves eating them.

Me: True, but I’m not sure he knows how to stop.

Nell: He’ll only be given a slice. Not the whole cake.

Me: That’s what you think.

Nell: Anyway, you need to stop imagining intrigue when it isn’t there. Why shouldn’t Kev and David have a little chat? We do it all the time.

Me: But I like to be in on the conversation.

Nell: Well, this time you can’t be. Not all conversations have to revolve around you and me you know.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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