It’s a Bank Holiday Monday and Poppy is Happy

Me: Poppy is in an awfully good mood this morning. She’s smiling away.

Nell: It’s Bank Holiday Monday and the sun is shining. Everyone’s in a good mood.

Me: Dave isn’t. He’s downstairs with Knitwear Wolf looking properly hassled.

Nell: He’s the Mayor of Kingsbridge. He has responsibilities.

Me: Except he isn’t actually the mayor.

Nell: Rupert is probably helping him with his mayoral calendar.

Me: I thought that was Henry and Horst’s job.

Nell: They are Deputy Mayors. All the organisational side is run by his Chief of Staff but he’s gone to the beach.

Me: Who’s that?

Nell: Sir Roger Blubbery.

Me: Who isn’t actually a ‘sir’ at all because he was knighted by Poppy.

Nell: Potato potahto.

Me: I’m not sure choosing a seal as your Chief of Staff is a wise choice. They’re not very flexible if you know what I mean.

Nell: Haven’t you seen Sir Roger somersault? I’d like to see you do that.

Me: No, you wouldn’t.

Nell: The clapping is annoying, however.

Me: It’s a seal thing. We still don’t know why Dave is worried.

Nell: I do.

Me: Tell me.

Nell: Stephen Seagull and the Beefies have launched a campaign against him.

Me: What a nasty thing to do.

Nell: A large flock of Beefies flew over this morning carrying a banner.

Me: What did it say?

Nell: ‘Down with Dave. Support Stephen.‘

Me: How rude.

Nell: My sentiments exactly.

Me: Stephen Seagull would make an awful Mayor of Kingsbridge.

Nell: Yes, he would.

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy is the perfect dog for the job. Nobody could be a better Mayor of Kingsbridge.

Nell: That’s exactly what I’ve been telling you for weeks. You just wouldn’t listen. I’m glad you’ve finally come to your senses.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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