A Sparkling Day

Me: It was one of those sparkling days down on the beach, wasn’t it?

Nell: Sparkling? What do you mean?

Me: Clear blue skies, cold crisp air and sparkling sunshine.

Nell: I agree. I’m thinking of wearing my sunglasses the next time we go.

Me: Good idea. The surfers were all enjoying themselves.

Nell: Yes, David wanted to join them but I told him it was far too cold.

Me: Harriet doesn’t care.

Nell: She’s half seal if you ask me.

Me: Talking of seals, how are Lord and Lady Blubbery?

Nell: Fine, but you can stop that right now. You know Roger is only a Sir because Poppy knighted him, which she had no right to do, by the way.

Me: I wonder if they will be invited to The King’s Coronation in May?

Nell: Of course not. I might be, however.

Me: Really?

Nell: The late Queen and I were on very good terms. We often took tea together.

Me: Does Charlie know that?

Nell: Don’t call the King Charlie, please. He is King Charles III.

Me: I was just teasing.

Nell: You seem in a good mood. Have you forgiven Kev?

Me: No, but I’ve decided to try and put it out of my mind for a bit. I was talking to Knitwear Wolf and he said things have a way of working themselves out if you just let them be.

Nell: I don’t know what he means by that.

Me: I think he was referring to your ridiculous obsession with Lionel King. It makes Rupert very sad you know.

Nell: Nonsense. I am merely giving Lionel the chance to prove he is a good lion.

Me: You’re living in fantasy land.

Nell: That’s rich coming from you.

Me: Yes. You might have a point there. Sorry.

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