Keeping Warm

Me: It’s jolly snowy out in the fields this morning. We’ll need to Keep Warm.

Nell: There’s nothing jolly about it.

Me: It is beautiful, Nell. You have to admit that.

Nell: I’m glad Gladys saw reason and moved Glide with Gladys into The Barn.

Me: Yes, it was all getting a bit much for the llamas, wasn’t it?

Nell: There’s only so much gliding one can do in a snowsuit.

Me: Don’t I know it.

Nell: Do you?

Me: Yes. I’ve worn snowsuits in the past. I used to go skiing regularly in another life.

Nell: I can’t imagine that.

Me: It was never for me. I’m scared of heights and I have a terrible sense of balance but at least I tried.

Nell: Poppy’s worked out the best way to Keep Warm.

Me: Yes. Cushions and Labradors. It works for me too.

Nell: We have our uses. Why aren’t you wearing your fingerless gloves?

Me: I didn’t know I needed them.

Nell: There’s no point in wearing a hat if you don’t wear matching gloves. Ask The Cat. It’s never without them in this weather.

Me: But I’m inside.

Nell: We’re all inside. You don’t see Malcolm without his socks.

Me: Malcolm needs socks because he’s a flamingo but I never know if Manuel is wearing socks or gloves.

Nell: It’s difficult to tell with tentacles. Have you finished your porridge?

Me: Yes, it was delicious. That spoonful of honey made it extra tasty.

Nell: Good. Henry and Horst suggested it. They were at a winged insect conference and brought some back.

Me: Henry and Horst aren’t winged insects. They’re woodlice.

Nell: Quiet. It was an undercover mission. Why do you think they’ve been wearing stripy coats and wings?

Me: I thought they were just Keeping Warm. Sorry.

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