Friday Faces

Me: Look at those little faces. Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

Nell: David does not have a little face.

Me: Look at his gorgeous nose. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. You just want to kiss it.

Nell: I most certainly do not.

Me: And Poppy posing like a film star with her huge eyes.

Nell: You could have taken a more flattering photo of Harriet.

Me: I think she looks sweet.

Nell: She looks guilty.

Me: I suppose she might be hiding something. She and Sally have been zooming a lot recently.

Nell: Yes, I noticed that too.

Me: I’m going to send those photos to John, Sally and Jim. They’ll love them.

Nell: I’m sure they will. Miss Maple might like one of Poppy too. She’s leaving tomorrow.

Me: Oh no. We’ll miss her.

Nell: She says she’s staying in the area so we might see her again.

Me: That’s good.

Nell: Did you know Sally and Miss Maple have worked together in the past?

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes, they like to call on each other for the more difficult cases.

Me: Is Sally involved in the latest one?

Nell: Harriet won’t say but she gave me a Knowing Look so I think she might be.

Me: I wonder if there is anything I can do to help with the case.

Nell: Absolutely not.

Me: But the weather is cold enough for my all encasing hat. So I can easily go undercover.

Nell: May I remind you that you are still in recovery after your operation?

Me: I forgot.

Nell: And apart from that you are simply not cut out to be a spy.

Me: Why not?

Nell: You cannot keep a secret.

Me: I can.

Nell: You share our conversations every day.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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