Please Look at the Camera

Nell: That’s me with Kev at the Kingsbridge Show.

Me: I know it is.

Nell: Why are you posting those photos now? The show was on Saturday and today is Wednesday.

Me: I thought they were a good example of how you never listen to me.

Nell: The weather was a little grey that day.

Me: I kept calling out ‘Over here!’ and you completely ignored me.

Nell: Why were you calling out at all? You were standing right in front of us.

Me: I wanted you to look at the camera but you simply wouldn’t.

Nell: Talk about seeking the limelight.

Me: It wasn’t about me.

Nell: I beg to differ.

Me: Kev looked over at me.

Nell: Of course he did. You were embarrassing us both.

Me: I was not.

Nell: People were trying to eat their ice creams in peace.

Me: I know.

Nell: Shameless attention seeking. That’s what it was.

Me: No, it wasn’t.

Nell: I thought you said natural shots are the best.

Me: They are.

Nell: Where people behave normally and are not aware of the camera.

Me: Yes. That’s right.

Nell: Why shout at them then? Couldn’t you just let them eat their ice creams?

Me: I wasn’t shouting at them. I was shouting at you.

Nell: So rude.

Me: Everyone ignored me anyway, except Kev.

Nell: Of course we did. We weren’t going to encourage that kind of behaviour.

Me: I give up.

Nell: And it’s actually lucky I ignored you, if you think about it.

Me: Why?

Nell: Because, according to you, that’s what I always do, so I was behaving naturally.

Me: I just wanted to take a photo.

Nell: You took three as far as I can remember.

Me: Okay. You win.

Nell: I always do.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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