Me: I never thought I would say this but thank goodness it’s raining.

Nell: It’s stopped now, by the way.

Me: Don’t say that.

Nell: I just did.

Me: We desperately need proper rain. The fields are all dry and yellow.

Nell: I know. We’re all Concerned. Look at Harriet and Poppy.

Me: They do have Concerned Faces.

Nell: Told you.

Me: I don’t think it’s only the lack of rain they’re worried about.

Nell: Obviously not.

Me: They might be concerned about the thunderstorms. There’s been a warning.

Nell: Yes. I’m afraid it’s going to make tomorrow extremely challenging.

Me: What’s happening tomorrow?

Nell: It’s Kev’s birthday. Good grief. You can’t have forgotten. Why do you think Poppy has been baking for days even in the hot weather?

Me: That’s not concerning, Nell. It’s a day of celebration.

Nell: Not with rain and thunderstorms, it isn’t.

Me: We can always celebrate inside.

Nell: How are we going to fit the Welsh Corgi Choir inside? And what about the Whippets Institute?

Me: Yes, and the llamas can’t dance inside.

Nell: Llamas can dance anywhere. Trust me.

Me: It’s still going to be a little tricky for them.

Nell: Not to mention Princess and the Navy Seals.

Me: I didn’t know they were coming.

Nell: They’ve been rehearsing their Water Extravaganza for weeks. You must have noticed.

Me: I did think there were a few more seals around than usual.

Nell: Flexibility is the answer.

Me: Yes, those seals are agile. You wouldn’t see me jumping through a hoop.

Nell: I’m talking about tomorrow. We will celebrate outside but be ready to move inside at a moment’s notice.

Me: Being ready doesn’t mean there’s room.

Nell: We will make room. We are Martins. We think on our paws.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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