Part of the Pack

Me: Faye and Jonathan have become part of your pack, haven’t they?

Nell: I’m not sure I would use the word ‘pack’ but yes, they are treasured members of our team.

Me: You’re going to miss the cuddles and chats.

Nell: We’re all going to miss those. Stop dwelling.

Me: What were you and Faye discussing in the activity field?

Nell: Rainbows and our favourite ice creams, if you must know. Faye likes a mango sorbet and I’m rather partial to strawberries and cream.

Me: Interesting.

Nell: Now, today is Sunday so the children will be joining us for Sunday Songs.

Me: Good.

Nell: The Welsh Corgi Choir have decided to sing the theme song from Paw Patrol.

Me: Must they? I’ve heard that song one too many times already.

Nell: The children love it.

Me: Nevertheless.

Nell: David, Harriet and Poppy are also featuring in a Paw Patrol extravaganza dressed as Mighty Pups with the llamas as naughty animals and The Cat as a stylish villain.

Me: That is exciting.

Nell: Poppy has been asked not to use her sword, or cutlass, but nobody is sure if she will comply.

Me: She rarely does.

Nell: She might this time as the children are watching.

Me: True.

Nell: There will be no roast today, by the way, as you, Alice and the children are all going to tea with your sister Alex and Hattie Button.

Me: Sundays are roast days.

Nell: Cottage pie will suffice. It’s the children’s favourite.

Me: Why does time have to fly when you’re having fun? It feels like only yesterday I was getting ready to go to the airport to collect them.

Nell: Try and live in the moment. If you keep dwelling on tomorrow you will miss today.

Me: You’re right as usual. Sorry.

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