Nell: So, tell me again what happened at the airport when you went to collect Alice and the grandchildren.

Me: I was waiting for the first glimpse of them coming through Arrivals when the doors opened and Faye came rushing out straight into my arms shouting ‘Granny!’ followed by Jonathan Sky and Alice.

Nell: That must have been quite a moment.

Me: It was. I’m afraid I burst into tears.

Nell: Of course you did.

Me: And then when we got home Chris was there waiting for us.

Nell: The whole family reunited.

Me: Yes, finally. It’s absolutely wonderful to have them all here again. I feel like I might be dreaming.

Nell: Well, you’re not. Just look at the mess and chaos everywhere.

Me: Wonderful, isn’t it?

Nell: It is. I thought Poppy’s barbecue was excellent and the perfect choice for this hot weather.

Me: Yes, and it was warm enough for the children to play outside in the paddling pool all evening.

Nell: Now, you might not have noticed but Jonathan told me he and David spotted Walter watching everyone yesterday.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: He climbed onto the bird feeder with a long twig-like thing in his beak.

Me: Jonathan did?

Nell: No. Walter. In fact David demonstrated to us exactly how Walter looked at Morning Thoughts today using his neon green chew.

Me: Clever Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Do you think the long twig-like thing was significant?

Nell: Possibly.

Me: Might it just have been part of a nest?

Nell: We can’t know for sure. It may have been some sort of recording device.

Me: Gosh. How is Harriet’s voice?

Nell: Still missing. But don’t worry, now that the family are all here I am sure we will get Harriet’s voice back again.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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