The Evening Sun and Pop-Ups

Me: The evening sun was absolutely beautiful on the fields yesterday.

Nell: Was it?

Me: Yes. Dave and I watched it for a while and then he decided he needed a nap.

Nell: I don’t blame him. There’s only so long you can look at fields.

Me: And while he was sleeping the sun bathed him in its gentle light.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Highlighting his glossy coat. It was magical.

Nell: Good grief. Have you finished?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Now, you know I’m not usually one to gossip.

Me: But you’re going to all the same.

Nell: Do you want to hear it or not?

Me: Absolutely.

Nell: My friend Dorothy was browsing the rails at the Maine Coons’ shop in town when she heard something rather intriguing.

Me: Did she find anything to buy?

Nell: No, they are minimalists. There was hardly anything there. But that’s not the point.

Me: No.

Nell: A pair of smartly dressed spaniels were discussing the merits of cocktails over wine.

Me: That’s not particularly intriguing. I prefer wine, if I’m honest.

Nell: There’s nothing like a cocktail to round off the day. But that’s not the point either. Stop interrupting.

Me: Just saying.

Nell: One of them suggested they try the latest pop-up down on the beach.

Me: What latest pop-up?

Nell: Exactly. Well, Dorothy’s ears pricked up at that. She loves nothing more than a pop-up.

Me: Don’t we all.

Nell: So she asked them which beach.

Me: Good for her.

Nell: And they said ours.

Me: Do the spaniels have a beach?

Nell: No, our beach. The one we walk on.

Me: The dog beach?

Nell: The little red boathouse to be more specific.

Me: Now, that is intriguing.

Nell: I told you it would be.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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