That’s What Mothers Do

Me: I admire you, Nell.

Nell: Well, that’s extremely kind of you.

Me: You have the patience of a saint.

Nell: I wouldn’t go that far. You can get a little carried away at times but conversations with you are still enjoyable.

Me: I wasn’t talking about me.

Nell: Weren’t you?

Me: No. I was talking about after walk drinks.

Nell: Are we having a cocktail party? We were discussing what to do to celebrate David and Sally’s engagement but nobody mentioned cocktails, as far as I know.

Me: I meant the big bowl of water you all share down on the beach when we’ve been for our walk.

Nell: Oh, I see.

Me: You always end up drinking last.

Nell: Yes, that’s what mothers do. You know that.

Me: And Dave drinks the whole time.

Nell: David is a large animal. He needs more than others.

Me: And you just sit there patiently waiting your turn.

Nell: Of course I do.

Me: Even Poppy pushes her way in.

Nell: Poppy doesn’t like to wait for anyone.

Me: And Harriet is straight in there.

Nell: Harriet has good survival instincts.

Me: Don’t you ever worry there won’t be any water left for you?

Nell: Of course not. Kev would never let that happen.

Me: But David could drink the bowl dry.

Nell: No, he couldn’t.

Me: How do you know?

Nell: Because Kev always keeps fresh water back for me to drink quietly when the others get in the car.

Me: I thought it was just luck that he still had some water left over.

Nell: There’s no luck about it. I just need to be patient.

Me: I always wait to drink my water too.

Nell: I know. As I said before, that’s what mothers do.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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