Me: Why are you giving me a hard stare?

Nell: You know why.

Me: I thought we had a lovely visit to the vets yesterday.

Nell: I wouldn’t call it lovely.

Me: Everybody knows you there, don’t they?

Nell: Of course they do.

Me: And they all call you ‘Noodle’.

Nell: I’m afraid that’s Kev’s fault. He usually takes me.

Me: Yes, they must have heard him call you that.

Nell: It wasn’t the same without him.

Me: He has a cold, Nell. It was nice to see Chloe on reception. She was able to update me.

Nell: Yes, I’m always glad to see her.

Me: She said you gave her a hard stare when she tried to extend your leg too far.

Nell: You would give someone a hard stare if they tried it with you.

Me: I would. Although my legs could do with a little lengthening.

Nell: Not like that.

Me: She also said you raised your lip when they cleaned your ears.

Nell: Enough of the updates. I prefer it when Kev takes me.

Me: Why?

Nell: Kev would never have subjected me to two public weigh ins.

Me: I thought I had to weigh you. I didn’t know Emily was going to weigh you too.

Nell: Or follow it with an injection?

Me: You have one every month. It helps your arthritis.

Nell: It does.

Me: Emily says you need to lose a few kilos.

Nell: I know. I was there. Remember?

Me: We have been eating a little too much cake recently.

Nell: Yes, but never without a very good reason.

Me: True.

Nell: We could have a small piece now with our tea?

Me: We mustn’t. I promised Emily.

Nell: Don’t even think of offering me that raw carrot instead.

Me: No. Sorry.

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