David is Awfully Brave

Me: Why was Dave walking around this morning with my necklace around his neck and a bow in his hair?

Nell: Quiet. He’s taken them off now and he’s sleeping.

Me: But why was he wearing them in the first place?

Nell: It wasn’t supposed to be a necklace. It was a gold medal. And it most certainly wasn’t a bow. It was a Well Done rosette.

Me: He got that rosette with Kev at the dog show years ago.

Nell: Yes, I know. It was all that we could find at short notice. You don’t have medals and rosettes lying around. We had to improvise.

Me: Why?

Nell; Because David was Awfully Brave and deserved an award.

Me: Oh, I see. You’re talking about his split nail.

Nell: Yes. The vet had to take it off and Kev says he was extremely brave.

Me: He was. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. It must have hurt a lot.

Nell: I think it has been hurting for quite a while. He hasn’t been himself for a few days.

Me: No, he was unusually quiet at the weekend. I thought it was all the noise. We lead such a quiet life.

Nell: We do not. Where did you get that idea from? Lions and tigers in the treehouse. Seals and penguins in the pool, not to mention llamas in the field.

Me: Don’t forget The Angry Cat in the Big House.

Nell: Is The Cat still angry?

Me: Very. When it heard about the salmon en croute it actually hissed.

Nell: Rupert thinks Lionel King is behind it all.

Me: Any reason why?

Nell: He shops at Barks and Spencer and he loves giving mean surprises.

Me: Rupert is such a wise old wolf.

Nell: Less of the old, please.

Me: Sorry.

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