Another odd delivery

Me: Cheeky animal. I win.

Nell: I was merely licking my nose.

Me: I still win.

Nell: You and your sisters were very loud yesterday.

Me: It was great fun and so lovely to have them here.

Nell: It was good to see you laughing.

Me: Kev enjoyed himself too. I think he liked all the attention.

Nell: He enjoys being surrounded by ladies.

Me: Does Poppy need any help preparing the roast beef?

Nell: It’s all under control. Malcolm is peeling vegetables and Manuel is making the batter for the Yorkshire puddings.

Me: Are you sure Dave isn’t doing that?

Nell: David doesn’t cook. He eats.

Me: It’s just that he had a little batter on his nose.

Nell: That was cheese sauce. Poppy is making cauliflower cheese for Scarlett as she’s a vegetarian. Do keep up.

Me: What’s that got to do with Dave?

Nell: David taste tests all sauces. You know that. He has an excellent palate.

Me: Did Harriet’s parcel arrive, by the way?

Nell: Yes, it was most odd.

Me: It wasn’t bananas, was it?

Nell: No.

Me: Flowers?

Nell: No. Salmon en croute.

Me: Fish in pastry?

Nell: That’s what I just said.

Me: But Harriet’s not that keen on fish. Was it home made?

Nell: No. It was from Barks and Spencer.

Me: Isn’t that The Cat’s favourite ready meal?

Nell: It is. The Cat says you can’t go wrong with a Salmon en croute and some fresh asparagus.

Me: I’m inclined to agree. Do we know who sent it?

Nell: No idea.

Me: I don’t think it was Jim the Farm Dog.

Nell: Of course not. Why even suggest that?

Me: It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Nell: Jim’s a meat eater. If he was sending food it would be steak.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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