Too much?

Nell: Is the hat too much?

Me: Not at all. It really suits you and I love the feathers.

Nell: The Cat insisted. Said it needed livening up.

Me: The Cat has such an eye for detail.

Nell: I said no to the sequins. One doesn’t want to glitter at afternoon tea.

Me: I suppose not. Although my writer friend Anne glittered wonderfully at lunch the other day.

Nell: Well, I wouldn’t know, not being allowed in the dining room.

Me: Are the others all suited and booted?

Nell: Nobody is wearing boots. We are packing slippers, however, in case The Queen is worried about dirty paws.

Me: I don’t think the royal corgis wear slippers.

Nell: Best to be on the safe side.

Me: True. Have you seen the cake yet?

Nell: No, it’s waiting by the door in an enormous box. I hope it fits into the Bentley.

Me: Maybe it can ride on the front seat?

Nell: That’s actually a rather good idea. Why it has to be so ridiculously large is quite beyond me.

Me: Poppy does everything with panache.

Nell: David has offered to carry it in to The Queen.

Me: I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Nell. It might not get there in one piece. Or there might only be one piece left.

Nell: I completely agree. We will ask a footman.

Me: Yes, there are sure to be loads of them kicking around.

Nell: Kicking around? This is Windsor Castle not Wembley Stadium.

Me: You know what I mean. Make sure you take lots of photos on your iBone and text me. I shall be waiting for news.

Nell: I’m not sure iBones will be allowed and I’m certainly not texting during tea. Manners maketh the mammal.

Me: Yes, of course. Sorry.

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