Be very wary of birds

Me: Dave is giving me one of your faces.

Nell: What does that mean?

Me: A disapproving look.

Nell: What have you been doing?

Me: Nothing.

Nell: Talking of looks. You have a guilty look about you.

Me: I haven’t touched any biscuits.

Nell: I know that. There are no biscuits in the house. Did you forget to whisper? You know you have to protect your voice.

Me: No. I remembered because Robin had to fly out of the bush onto the bird feeder to hear me.

Nell: Have you been talking to Robin again?

Me: Of course I have. Robin is my friend and we always chat every morning. You know that.

Nell: You have been asked not to chat to strangers while investigations are still undergoing.

Me: Robin isn’t a stranger and he’s got nothing to do with it all. Don’t be so mean.

Nell: I’m not saying he has and I’m not saying he hasn’t. We just don’t know.

Me: He says the Beefies are still pleading innocence.

Nell: A Beefy wouldn’t know innocence if it tapped it on the beak.

Me: Maybe.

Nell: Beefies are strangers to the truth. Everyone knows that.

Me: Robin says we should listen to what they have to say.

Nell: Robin says way too much for my liking.

Me: Are you jealous?

Nell: Of a robin?

Me: Of my friendship with a robin.

Nell: You can be friends with whomever you like but you should be very wary of birds.

Me: So I can’t talk to Malcolm, or Susan, or Timothy?

Nell: They’re family. Just be careful. That’s all I’m saying.

Me: You are jealous.

Nell: I’m far too busy for this nonsense. In case you’ve forgotten there is a dancing competition this evening and I’m Head Judge.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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